Want a simple but effective way to submit to 200+ top Los Angeles & New York talent agencies so you can start booking more work and (finally) have the acting career you’ve always dreamed aboutin less than 15 minutes? 

Yah, we thought so.

Hi, I’m Howard Chan!

I’m a tech geek, three-time entrepreneur, and actor most recently working on shows such as “Big Little Lies” on HBO, “Lucifer” on Netflix, and “Sneaky Pete” on Amazon.

The idea for Agentblasters™ came to me when I noticed friends and fellow actors being utterly paralyzed by the process of finding a talent agent.

So I came up with an effective system that allows actors to quickly and easily submit for representation (less than 15 minutes from start to finish)–no matter where you are in your acting career.


Lets work together to turn that into magic*.

(*Magic, meaning more auditions, more bookings, more connections, more times when you get to say: “Why yes, that was me you saw on TV last night…”)

Using our Agentblaster™ is an easy 3-step submission system…

Download our vetted list of 200+ LA or NY commercial or theatrical agent emails.

Compose your
cover letter.
*Gmail required.

Send individually addressed emails all at once using the built-in mailer.

What do our actors think about Agentblasters™?

Just tried it out and ITS AMAZING. Your guide made it incredibly simple, and being able to track who I sent it to and who opened it is wonderful. I LOVE IT, and FANTASTIC job, Howard!! I just sent the first round for today, but I’ll update ya with the next rounds ! Thank you SO much.

Jazelle V. (15 meetings, Signed theatrically with Tangerine Talent Agency, Los Angeles)

Hey there… So using your Agentblaster, which was so incredibly easy to use, I had so many responses and every one of the agents that responded wanted to rep me. I had a tough choice to make but I decided to go with an agency that is repping me across the board. Not to mention they also rep one of my favorite actors when I was a kid. Thanks!

DC W. (Signed commercially with Central Artists Talent, Los Angeles)

This was really easy to use. Great instructions & love the email tracking feature. I hadn’t been getting anything on my own, but now have a few upcoming meetings with agents. Thanks Howard!

Chris P. (Signed across the board with SLA Talent, Los Angeles)

I don’t think you understand how much I needed this to keep pushing me forward. Like I know we all know our worth and stuff, but I was getting to the point where I was like maybe I should’ve stopped, like it’s clear no one wants to represent me. It just makes me feel better that someone would actually respond.

Amberly M. (12 meetings, Signed across the board with Wayne Agency, Los Angeles)

Ready to kickstart your acting career and get representation?